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Anyway, rant mode off... I don't see why an estimated due date on story content needs to be kept under wraps. They don't need to tell us any kind of information about what story content is coming, only when. A simple comment like "Expect additional story content to come in 2-3 months" doesn't reveal any kind of information about the content itself. Of course, there will always be people that will poke and prod at the devs to get info about upcoming story updates, but eh... it probably won't be as many as evidenced in this topic.
I agree. It's one thing to keep the story under wraps, but they seem to hold this information too close to their chest. I wish that they would realize just by giving us a closer estimate of time (like 6 1/2 weeks or so,) it would quell a lot of the nay sayers. As I noticed Uluain said a few days ago, silence seems to validate those that are vehemently against SGRs. I doubt that is the company's intention, but I hope they are aware of how these copy n pasta answers really sound.

I'm betting at this point both the mods and the devs want to discuss openly about this subject. I'm hoping we get some info before SGRs and (possibly) Makeb drop onto the PTRs.