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11.09.2012 , 06:33 AM | #3026
So I see no news is still no news.

On the plus side, my internet isn't as crappy as I was led to believe (will be so much better when our own dedicated broadband is on next month though). most of my unpacking is done (yay for a new home) and F2P hits next week, so in theory not long after that until Makeb.

Anyone else think the timing of the Hall Hood blog may have been a sneaky way for those under a gag-order to try to get some info out there. Obviously the blog itself didn't tell us anything new, but they must have known the questions that would be asked for the follow up - especially after the pulled tweet.
That much noise can't be ignored without showing to the audience at large that they are deliberately ignoring the questions, and by extension, those asking.