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"like bubbles, heals, a free self heal, massive aoes"
free self heal - all classes have it in different way balanced to there resistance, scoundrel is the winer of this ability, some classes should use skill tree for it, warriors and knight are lacking in it a bit but globally the Sage's 30 sec cool-down small emergency heal is not game breaking in my eyes.
bubble - if they would not have it, the class would be unplayable due to light armor with no armor buff (ok 10 % at skill tree for a few sec lol) no shield chance and no other resistance skills what all classes have
massive aoes - all classes have there massive aoes (knights, warriors lacking) if I play my other classes in WS (all 50) and I get to Sage's earth quake I don't even mind lol if my position is serves my team, I just stay there , ) When Sage sorc starts to cast dot's on me, thats the only issue what makes me panic... I panic as well from the aoes of imp agent, smuggler, trooper and bounty hunter. Nothing game breaking here..

"It's not going to change anytime soon as it would require a complete rebalance of all the skills to prevent sages being op"
Sage/Sorc has no skill to re-balance, what connected to melee hit, theres zero skill like that , )
It would allow the sage to use Double Strike and Saber Strike in pve for fun and can be landed this skills in pvp for the lol if she/he knows well, that the situation don't needs the AD's massive skills. If my suggestion goes live and Sage/Sarce would queue for operation, HM FP... like a dps and would not start to use here/his main skills what are supported by the AD's skill tree but Double Strike and Saber Strike, he/she would be kicked quite fast , )

"As all they would have to do is go stand in melee range using all their normal abilities + melee fillers."
When(just one example) TK has no cool-down + its a 30m skill + its regenerate my force way the hell I would want to stand in melee range in light armor, with no shield, with a bobble what disable after the first hit?

My suggestion is not game breaking, don't needs weeks of scripting to disturb the devs work, its would handle a frustration, that a jedi class in an mmo based on SW can't use its saber.

Lets see it from the other side for a sec , )
(just an example for one AD class)
Vanguard has high end armor, great resistance, shield, so he can go close to melee range! Lets nerf its ranged bonus! Now you have a Trooper in an mmo based on SW who can live over of course and its absolutely viable but can't take down even a butterfly with his ranged weapon, but he just carry it, lets say for defense or just to show it lol
So a Trooper without range support? Do you like it? Would you make a suggestion on the forum, that " pardon me, but can we maybe handle this issue.." ? , )
Where is the gunslinger's self-heal?

Also, what you quoted in no way said the self-heal was game breaking, it was saying that adding what you want on top of what they already have would be game breaking.

Comparing the sage/sorc to a trooper is also beyond half-butted, since the trooper is a ranged class on BOTH of his advanced classes.

However, we DO see scoundrels who primarily use melee attacks (the most they use their pistol for is to pistol whip people), and I don't see them QQing that they need buffs to their ranged attacks so they can use the iconic smuggler gun more often. They CHOSE to be a melee scoundrel and they deal with that choice (or re-roll/re-spec).

Sages/Sorcs do not use their lightsabers, get over it. They are a ranged class, not a melee class. If you want to play melee DPS you roll a shadow/assassin.