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11.09.2012 , 03:24 AM | #290
Apologies if this comes across badly, its a genuine thing I would like to see and think would benefit the game and the players more than anything else you could do.

Given that there is still a very large development team working on the game and (I think you said) a couple of hundred QA testers why don't you task your developers to set aside an hour a week each to engage in a bit of two-way dialogue regarding whatever they are working on at the time?

Communication seems to be where the SWTOR team is weakest (not aimed at the forum team who do the best they can with what they are given) and in other games where two-way dialogue occurs with some regularity the level of goodwill generated seems to skyrocket.

This seems to be a relatively low cost way of getting lots of bang for your buck on the goodwill front, just talk to the players who are keenest to engage you in discussion.

However many millions you might spend on advertising and marketing executives who tell you at what pace to release information and in what sized chunks, it wont come close to the marketing goodwill you can generate here on the forums.

I appreciate that the forum go-ers represent a relatively small portion of your player base but when outside agencies, gaming magazines etc want to check how players are receiving changes to the game and take the pulse of the players happiness they do it by coming to the forums.

just my tuppence worth...
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