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Will races beyond the human, cyborg and Zabrak be available for purchase from the market?

For those of us who are subscribers and have the option to choose characters to hold onto when we change into the FTP version; can we select characters that are races other than the Human, Cyborg and Zabrak? For example, say I want to keep my Pureblood when I shift to FTP. Can I?
IIRC, you will not lose access to "non-f2p" characters. From a jumble of things that have been said and a somewhat badly maintained FAQ, I think it works like this (and please correct me if I'm wrong):

If you let your subscription lapse, your account falls back to "preferred" status. You can still log in and play all your characters with all "unlocks" that you have bought for credits (cargo and inventory space, etc., and you will still be able to wear purple gear that's already bound to a character), but your credits above the cap (500k) go to escrow and remain unavailable until you subscribe again. However, your character slot limit drops down to 2, and unless you delete characters or buy enough slots, you will not be able to create new characters.