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11.09.2012 , 02:02 AM | #11
I too hate this if you want to put puzzles in a game make them far off to the side. Area missions are akin to heroics and therefore should be a source of fun and not frustration.

On top of it being a major waste of time there is no reason to group other than let 1 person who knows what they are doing do all the work for you. The datacrons where you need 2 people are better puzzles than spending an hour or more fighting this. It would have been a better puzzle if you had to repair the turret then hit 2 or more buttons in unison then have to sit there and run back and forth from pillar to pillar hitting buttons over and over again. There was no story for a game that champions it's story, it's just hitting buttons for an hour.

This game lacks any form of basic combat tactics since 90% of the time it's just your average hack and slash game. So I applaud the attempt to make the player think but this is a pain in the rear not everyone likes brain-teasers. Make some thing tha tmakes me think not a repetitive task that gets annoying really quickly. For a MMO this game fails again and again at getting people to socialize. To be honest I've played FPS and RTS games that got you more involved with other players during a mission then this does.

I took up this game to replace America's Army 2.x which closed down ; ( and by comparison the cost, the lack of a social atmosphere and stories (on every class) that are far more boring than I could have ever expected is making me reconsider the subscription.

On a personal note I'd like to find the person who thought of adding this and smack them upside their head with a running chainsaw.