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Don't let the door hit ya where ma nature split ya -salute-

I don't get what's wrong with the chair - my Sith will be riding that thing complete with LOUD-*** pimp horn baby! bum-ba-bum bum-ba-bum

Why should we 'teh loest common demomimator' be penalized because something clashes with YOUR vision of Star Wars? If you don't like it... don't use it, pretty simple mah peeps
Yeah, but people buzzing around in silly vehicles or placing themselves into carbonite nearby for no reason does affect the immersion factor. I'm all for having some fun with it, but what's wrong with the throne being in the ship? What's wrong with making the carbonite-related purchase a mission, like how Elder Scrolls games have DLC add-on missions?

I can live with slave outfits and music droids because clothes are clothes and some people in the world would use a music droid if one existed. That's fine, so whatever. There is musical spirit in the movies. But these two seem stupid, and I'm mostly afraid it indicates that more nonsense could be in the works, like night elf mohawk grenades that instead give everyone a Yoda-like head within a 30m radius. Don't go there, BioWare. I don't want to leave, but the Elder Scrolls MMO will look a lot more appealing if you keep this up. Plenty of games out there to play, so please assure us you're listening.