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I doubt anything in this game will ever be fixed. Same issues since open beta. If you're a star wars fan-boy, I get it. Enjoy your fantasy for as long as you can. I left shortly after launch and I came back to this game a couple of weeks ago to find nothing changed but they're adding a market of floating chairs and b.s. Same bugs and no responses. I'm out... again.
I'm not even that concerned about bugs or anything. IMO the game is in pretty good shape and anything left over is not a big deterrent as long as they do have tickets in place to fix.

I just can't stand the idea of them spending all this time on lame gimmicks. Next thing you know they'll have a Yoda hat and Mickey Mouse hat based on this random carbonite animation and these floating thrones. That kind of thing is not really going to bring in subscribers (I'm sure some casual players will be amused for five minutes), but it will turn plenty away. I'm sure some within BioWare agree with me, and they need to speak up more and make sure this game does not devolve into driving X-wings around as speeders or something.

If you want to do something cool with carbonite, make a mission out of it. Allow a character to defeat an enemy and store him in carbonite on the ship. Maybe even allow you to seal someone you beat in a duel in carbonite and keep the mold or something, if you really want to push it. But what that video showed looked like complete, gimmicky nonsense. Put some actual thought into your gimmicks so they don't feel shoehorned into the experience in a way that compromises the integrity of the game and the people who want to feel like they're experiencing something great.