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11.08.2012 , 11:24 PM | #195
As a US west coast player I happen to play on both The Harbinger and Dalborra, mostly since my guild has a presence in all of the regions and the extra character slots from doing so. Though, I know at least in my guild there were a lot of people like myself who moved over to help show support for oceanic servers and their viability for the OC guild members moving over, so I would hope the servers can be merged with possibly the choice to transfer for those who wish to do so... It would be a shame to see them just shut down I think in any case.

It will be interesting to see whatever fix BioWare decides on, though hopefully if transfers are the way out of this issue, I am hoping to see free transfers and one that is not limited to a particular server or region. Best to allow those moving to decide where to go in my view. For myself, I plan on staying whether my guild is located.