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This grew a lot while i was working :-P

Lots of very good points on both sides,

What some people are ignoring is that the Republic was losing the war against the Mandalorians. This is shown in both Kotor 1 and 2. Canderous in both games comments that the Republic was losing again and again until Revan arrived. Atton reinforces this showing that Republic moral was shattered, their soldiers had little hope and were constantly retreating from a force that was only a fraction of theirs. Every victory brought the Mandalorians more slaves and more resources and higher moral while the opposite was happening to the Republic.

If Revan hadn't gone to war and listened to the Council what would have happened? What would they have saved? Lets say that the Outer Rim fell, and the Mandalorians were sacking the Mid Rim? Would the Jedi have intervened then? Why then? Would they know then about the Sith Empire? How would they find out about it?

Were they waiting for a vision to explain the entire backstory? Would they have intervened when the Mandalorians were invading the Core Worlds? We don't know exactly what would have caused the Jedi to start fighting back.

Like the dialog between the Exile and Atris at Telos shows us (at least from Meetra's point of view) the Jedi watched millions, perhaps billions die and did nothing. Why do you think it was so easy for Revan to get people to turn against the Jedi? People saw the Jedi as cruel uncaring people who were suppose to be their saviors and instead seemed to hide inside their temples as the Mandalorians tore the Republic apart.

As it was mentioned before, one of Kotor 2's prime angles was that the Council was wrong, Revan knew that the Republic couldn't defeat the Sith as they were, they had to change, and he had to do what he did. After all, as Kreia said. Did Revan truly fall, or did he stay true to himself no matter what mantle he wore? Revan saved the Republic with his actions, he just sacrificed billions of lives to make sure that it survived. Most of us cannot accept the idea that billions must die to save quadrillions.

Just my opinion on the matter, could be wrong but that is how I see it.