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I'd like to thankyou alot for this , it was a great read and a pleasure to see it.

Its in my opinion that the Jedi were still recovering from Exar Kun and could not afford anymore Jedi falling to the Darkside , war has a way of changing even the most good of people .

I myself believe in Fate , Jedi Knight Revan comes off alot like Anakin but without a Sidious there to make the darkside grow in him .
Revan was on his way to being a DarkJedi long before he encountered the Emperor , and even when he came back after the meeting he had all plans in betraying the Emperor and keeping the Republic for himself , be it Sithcode or Strong willed .

I personally believed PreBrainwashed BastilaShan Revan is the real Revan and this is why we seen him slipping back to the Darkside preFoundry and Foundry (My Opinion) . I believe it is his fate to be a Darklord of the Sith !

I think the Jedi were correct not to go to War but I think them not stopping Revan from going to war and taking many Jedi with him was a Mistake !

I truely believe if we go by Lore , Revan has to completely fall to the darkside and die . If he doesn't its going to mess up EU lore as Bane learned from Revan's left behind holcron which was made while he was a SithLord and I feel Revan before KotoRI was not Powerful enough to leave teachings worthy enough to birth Darth Bane who was very Powerful !

PS I am not a Revanite or whatever , I do not think Revan was all powerful or Mastered Light and Dark blah blah .
Yes. The Jedi were still recovering from the losses against one of the most powerful Sith of all time. They really couldn't afford to go to war. If the entire Jedi Order went to war, how many more Jedi would have fallen? Revan and Malak turned a large fraction of the Jedi Order after the war. This is because they had already been corrupted by the war. Revan was falling before the war, his visit to Malachor brought him further down, his encounter with the Emperor cemented his fall. He then brought a large number of Jedi over to his side. How many Jedi could he have turned if the entire Order joined?

It is of my opinion that the Jedi should have joined the war in an advisory position. This would protect their numbers, but allow them to provide tactical aid to the Republic military and avoid Jedi falling to the Dark Side.
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