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You are freaking hilarious! LOL!!!!!

As for your argument (I read only a fourth of it) I can see what your saying and I somewhat agree with you.

There's ZERO reason why the Jedi couldn't aid the Republic against the Mandalorians. You can argue this, but the Jedi were completely wrong to 100% percent abstain from the war. I think it was wise of them to observe and "analyze", but there is NO reason that they couldn't provide light support for the Republic. In this since, Revan was right. His immediate goal/intention was pure and justified. We all know that Revan fell, but helping the Republic was the right thing to do.

But seriously, you're hilarious.
Insulting someone is not hilarious.......

Jedi are not grown on trees , you can have the ability to be the most powerful ForceUser but without the proper training you are nothing . Exar Kun left a dent on the Jedi that lasted hundreds or years ! Exar Kun was one the most feared DarkJedi to ever live ! They feared that War would change Jedi , and it did . Revan wasn't the only Jedi to change during the War . Its to my belief that just because the Councile joined doesn't mean Revan and others would not have progressively turned to the Darkside nor do I believe it would have made a landslide win for the Republic .

The truth is Revan would have still fallen and more than likely less Jedi would have been left to stop him nor the others who also fallen .It was Revan's fate much like Anakin's to fall , it was just how they got there that could have been changed.
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