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The thing is, spacebarring is NOT the norm. YOU didn't do it on your first run (unless you were bullied, you dont see power in bullies, do you!?)

That is flagrantly untrue. I typically space bar (or hit the continue button in video games) to skip the VO (VA) as soon as I finish reading the text. That is true in pretty much every game I play. (Note: Mass Effect totally pisses me off in that it's the same button to skip text as it is to select dialog options, and it doesn't *always* wait for the VO to be over before bringing up the next set of dialog options. Really pisses me off when I press the button to skip to the next line just as the dialog selection comes up causing me to pick an option I don't want. Horribly bad design, that. Should be two different buttons.)

Anyways, here in TOR, I read fast enough that people generally don't have time to complain about spacebarring even if it IS my first time through. And even slow readers can read far faster than the VA's are reciting their lines.

'Course, I also happen to believe that voicework in most games (including this one) is pretty much a complete and utter waste of time and money. But then again, I was raised reading books, so I guess maybe my imagination is better than those who weren't.

Edit: So yeah. Get the story AND get through the content. Once you're done reading. SPACEBAR.