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I hope you're correct. I think this game is great, and really want to see it expand in the future.

Regarding upcoming content, however: most of what you've referred to was already in the making and planned for release. The new WZ, for example, has been finished for some time, and, if SWTOR had been more successful, would have been released with the accompanying operation. Instead, we are receiving it months later, essentially to "save up" content to release. We still don't know what the Ilum revamp really is, a one off event or a systemic change to make it actually possible to functionally participate in open world PvP there.

What I was referring to in my post is what happens when the content that was already in the works earlier in 2012, including Makeb, dries up? What is planned for, what is now in the making, and how much future content is in limbo, based on the financial reality SWTOR finds itself in?

In his recent post to the community, even Jeff Hickman writes that some staff have left the studio because working on a F2P SWTOR wasn't what they wanted to do. What precisely will be so different that folks would abandon a title they previously enjoyed working on?

I don't think even EA knows where exactly they are going with SWTOR yet. It depends on how well F2P goes.
They've never given us any information on things that have not been solidly locked down. There's no reason to think that lack of information means lack of planning. We didn't know about Makeb until a few months ago but that's been in the works for a while given the size of the expected content and voice work that needs to be done.

Internally they have a plan, it will be altered if goals aren't met but all MMO's have plans for the future and design documents ready to go for each step. We are just along for the ride and I hope it's a good one, there's so much potential here.
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