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Is it only me who is shocked at seeing Blaine Christine's face?

With all the layoffs at EAware and the people who left on their own, I can only guess at the amount of stress and additional work that has fallen on Blaine Christine's shoulders. Look at the poor guy's face, he seems completely dead tired, his eyes are rimmed and red, his skin is pale.
Maybe I am imagining things, but he seems overworked.
EAware has been killing its remaining developpers... "look we laid off two guys, the third guy remaining must now do the work of 3 persons but we don't care this must be done!"
Could it be the real reason the two founders left Bioware?...

Compare to the same Blaine five months ago at E3 for patch 1.3
He looks tired and there's no doubt workload has increased, but he also has more facial hair, and the lighting is very different. At E3, he had a spotlight on his face. This new video looks dim and yellowy by comparison. I'm sure there was a higher energy level at the convention, too.

I'm not exactly disagreeing with you, and I certainly don't want to pick on Blaine. I'm just pointing out a few factors to consider.