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The only thing I'm upset about, is that there's not 300+ orange sets of armor for sale...
Patience, young padawan...
But yeah I know what you mean, too many reskinned versions of armor on there and not as much unique stuff as I'd hoped. But I have a feeling they'll be rolling a lot more out at a rapid pace. From my cash shop experience, putting new stuff in the shop gives them an excuse to write about it and link to the shop, so it doesn't just seem like generic promotion. "Check out the shop to see what new stuff we added" sounds less obnoxious than "Check out our shop!"

Also, I think some of that seems kinda high too, but I can understand why.
Because: Many people coming into this will have a lot of CC to spend. If everyone buys the same "exclusive" items, they'll seem less desirable ingame. How cool is it to have a rare/uncommon crystal if everyone else has one?