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11.08.2012 , 06:21 PM | #495

It's nice to see someone actually looking at this problem, finally. For me, I've had varying results by reducing shadows and/or completely turning them off, but I also get periods of great lag. The thing that makes me most curious, is that I can be on one side of a planet and have massive lag, then taxi or otherwise move to another side of the planet and all is well. As an example, I was in the Belsavis spaceport with tons of lag, but the minute I emerge into the planet from the spaceport, all is well. This doesn't necessarily sound like network lag to me, but perhaps a change in rendering requirements from one scene to another. I don't know how your game is set up in that fashion. Are structures and landscapes more intricate in certain areas than others which would require more processing to render out at 60fps? I'm sure network lag has something to do with it, but I don't think it is the complete answer.

For the record, I don't ever seem to have lag in excess of 150ms (typically 20ms-45ms), but then I can't gauge it properly without alt-tabbing back to the desktop. I play on 3 monitors which fill up all 3 screens. So for me to see what any other Windows program is doing, I have to stop what I'm doing in the game which would have an affect on any monitored output, such as tracert or pathping. For me, I need that 4th monitor that my card (EVGA 680GTX) will drive so I can real-time monitor, but alas, I had to trade it for a late fee on my rent.

In closing, my point is that network lag ~may~ not be the problem people are truly experiencing, but I could be wrong. With all of the tests I have performed, seems the most complicit in lag. From here in Los Angeles, they are the last hop before swtor. Hopefully you'll find this little dissertation useful and I truly hope the lag problem goes away. I've been experiencing ~lag~ ever since 1.2.