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The prices for items on the cartel market is just way too high. Do you really expect people to pay ten to fifteen dollars for an armor set or color crystals? These prices need to be somewhat reduced. The cartel conversion from cash to cc is fine, but lower the price of actual armor sets and crystals a bit.
Considering that these are on a Per Character basis, I will have to agree. The prices should be reduced, a lot.

STO and CO charge 5-8 dollars for a new set of uniforms or costume parts, but those usually include more than just one outfit and they are for ALL Characters on the Account. This is Per Character and at twice the cost. Anybody who says they'll gladly pay that will probably also gladly pay 6 dollars extra at BestBuy for the same BlueRay they can get at Target. Personally, I prefer not to be gouged.

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