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11.08.2012 , 06:10 PM | #15
I also play EA's Sims 3. I buy Sims 3 store sets frequently. They are expensive. But they add a lot of variety and extra functionality to my game. I love them. My husband says, "It's the most expensive free game ever!"

Then I remind him how much books cost, which is my other serious recreation. Paperback and Kindle. Then the DLC and add ons for my games doesn't look so expensive after all. :P

I am a subscriber to TOR and I intend to continue even after it goes F2P, but I am sure I will find many things I will buy in the Cartel Market because they add to the fun of the game. I don't understand the vitriol and hostility about micro-transactions and the people that buy premium items for vanity, fun, and convenience.
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