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Yeah, but saving up is gonna take a very long while. And nobody said that CC items will not be seasonal! This is always an option. Before you save up for what you want it might be gone. That's how they might want to players to quickly buy CCs instead of saving up.
The "gotta-have-it-now's" can always supplement their points by purchasing extra. That's the consequence of getting everything as soon as possible. As to seasonal items, I highly doubt we'll see much seasonal items. As a person that has accounts in several MMO's that use the same F2P business model, the only seasonal items I've seen are based on holiday events, none of which are currently in this game. And when holiday events are added there has always been advance notice/advertising given by the companies to entice new and lapsed customors to return to the game for the event. That's plenty of time to decide if one wants to save up their stipend or buy some extra points.

And if BW runs this new cash shop in a similar fashion to the other MMO cash shops then there will be sales run frequently where people who are patient can buy those items they wanted at a discount.

Of course when the sales occur some of the "gotta-have-it-now's" will jump on the forums to complain how it isn't fair that they paid full price because they were impatient and had to buy everything as soon as it was put on the market.
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