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11.08.2012 , 05:41 PM | #11
Yes. Especially with the subscriber grant, the cost doesn't amount to much for something a lot of people value, the appearance of their characters. A full armor set will be ~ $7, if you purchase one on a given month. A chest piece is covered with the subscriber grant.

I don't plan to spend much in the shop, but a set of armor every now and again is a nice option to have, especially if player feedback has a significant effect on what is available. I'm surprised there aren't more sets available for launch - I expected at least a few dozen.

The only potential problem I have with the cartel shop is if real content for the game becomes an afterthought, and the legacy system, even with more additions, and current 1-50 game as-is will basically be the real meat and potatoes of what SWTOR is. If they are going for a model of revolving door players, who eventually get bored at endgame and leave, then that will be unfortunate. On the other hand, if this funds more planets and expanded class stories, great.

Either way, there probably was no other choice to keep the game financially viable.