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No. You assuming that someone is "entitled" to anything is wrong. Players CAN watch the cut-scenes or they can skip them - it's optional. Nobody is "entitled" to their way when their choice impacts 3 other people. We agree that nobody should tell others what they should do and that is exactly why I suggest that players with strong feelings either way simply QUIT or KICK.

People doing things out of spite is just childish, so is demanding others spacebar. It's a group experience and it's best for everyone if they join a like minded group.
That last part is the common ground, and I agree. On the rest, I respectfully disagree. It's not my intent to antagonize at all. But I still feel that the story watchers are entitled first. The group shouldn't be held hostage by people doing it on purpose. At the same time, it should not pressure the individual to skip. I think we can both agree on that much. I still disagree with kicking people for watching a cutscene unless they are doing it out of malice or breaking an earlier agreement to skip.