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I would like to see the info concrete info on the Secret Space Project. I want to do high speed runs through canyons on tatooine then head into the clouds to join into a battle in orbit of Ord Mantel. Then receive an emergency comunicae (from guildies) that the sith guilds have attacked the tython orbital defence network and the jedi temple is at risk. So I speed away to the home of the Jedi. Once I arrive I see debris everywhere tumbling in space.

I sneak through the debris field trying not to be discovered and then am attacked by 3 sith starfighters.
My guild members say to me keep them busy we will return soon to ambush them. Sooo I speed to the far side of the planet and then duck into the atmosphere and kill one enemy because he couldn't maneuver through the dense atmosphere. See my ship had been upgraded to survive fast re-entry his was not so he burned up. How ever the other 2 managed to chase me all the way to the deck. we are speeding across the river bed and I see on my radar that my guild is lying in wait past the next bend of the river so I know im ok.

When I pass the next bend my guilds ground troops launch 2 shoulder fired rockets at the sith and they are destroyed. I then join the medical and salvage ships in orbit looking for survivors and take them to the fleet for medical services.....

Can SWTOR make something like that happen?
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