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I play on the Jedi Covenant server when I hit solo Que I can't even travel from the fleet to another planet without the join button popping up. The longest I have had to wait was maybe pushing 20mins but most of the time at any time of the day I seem to get in in about 10-15mins, the que is fast on my server. However it seems like this on some servers as well as mine, it's very 1 sided stacked. For my server it's 1 sided in favor of the republic. I have been randomly que'd with premades on the empire side but in almost every game that I play the republic side has a premade. When your playing it's easy to notice the same people day in and day out playing on the same team. I have heard rumors that there is a decent sized group of people from various guilds on the republic side that have banded together for PVP purposes at all hours. I made a republic char and at level 11 i started doing PVP and almost every match I won and was in a premade group. All the elitists can say is "make your own group" well firstly sorry I play at all kinds of off hours. Secondly I have been playing for all off a month and a half and to think I could just start grabbing the good PVP players on the empire to combat the seemingly always on large group of premades on the republic side is laughable, things like that take a lot of time.
Sorry your life style inhibits your game play and sorry that you give up before you even try'n to find others to group with. But both reasons fall on your side of the fence and we can not help you there. But I guarantee you there are some good pvper's on your side that probably group together and the only work would be to find them. Good luck
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