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11.08.2012 , 04:38 PM | #14
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The Cartel Market button is really annoying. Thankfully, it can be shrunk and darkened in the UI customization.
I'd like to... uh... N-th that motion. It should be part of the normal menu, at most in a slightly different shade of blue. I already find the blinking help/service button annoying (try ignoring it after it has been active for a month due to some stuck tickets), and that cartel market thing is just out of place.

Next episode: custom armour. "When you buy access to months of operations and warzones, you can make those really good." Sarcasm aside: they're actually a nice thing to mention, since they give f2p players an option at a decent look with planet commendations, and without buying the colour unification unlock.

All in all, I feel appropriately marketed to