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Seems you verified what I suspected NJO sucks So i think the solution is clear - say the NJO era didn't exist, that would give Disney and Lucasfilm the perfect playground to work with. And their actions would not affect the previous good stuff that you mentioned alone. And seeing as support for the NJO era is minimal, they can get away with pretending it doesn't exist and carving out their own chunk of space to work in. Not sure about the whole timeline thing, but this may lead to the death of the whole Darth Caedus/Lumiya arc - I don't know.

Slippery slope, 3 will become 52+ before you can say Yuuzhan Vong...

At a push i could except an alternate NJO era - but labeled as non-canon (like starwars infinities) Thus in a canon-sense that era could be erased and the films accompanied by fresh EU can take its place.
I could live with the NJO and everything after being voided. No problem here. The only problem would still be a revenue crunch, but a much smaller revenue crunch that Disney would probably be willing to eat.

As far as the slippery slope, DC actually managed to drag themselves back from literally thousands of universes before Crisis on Infinite Earths. Then they had just one universe for quite a few years, which had its continuity rebooted a couple times. Now they have "The 52", each with its own continuity and cast of characters. They've made great strides in keeping everything manageable. Star Wars has always been leery of going down that road, and they've managed to keep the "two universes" they already have overlapping as much as possible. I would never suggest infinite realities like in comics or Star Trek. But one branching universe wouldn't kill the franchise. Remember that Leland Chee is a master of keeping everything packaged fairly neatly.
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