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This sort of thing is nothing new, but how can they claim they are going to improve the game when they post stuff like this....

When we decided to go Free-to-Play earlier this year, we had weeks of discussion with everyone on the team about where we thought the game was going, what we thought was going right and what was going wrong. We uncovered a lot of issues, but three things really stood out:

1. Our game is awesome. People love it and want to play it.

2. The subscription requirement was driving away huge numbers of people who do not want to commit to paying monthly.

3. The frequency of our Game Updates was way too slow. People were leaving because we were not releasing new content fast enough to keep up with the pace at which it was being consumed.

1. If the game was so awesome why did it bleed so many subs?
2 & 3. The subscription was not driving people away it was #3 which made the sub not worth it to some. And obvious other issues.

And then to follow that up with.

But we know there is more we can do, more you want us to do. So today, I thought it might be more useful to dive into some more granular and “hot” topics.

Topic #1: Staff: Why are some developers leaving The Old Republic™? How will the game be affected?

Topic #2: Bugs: How does testing work? Why do bugs get through? Why did Game Update 1.4 have so many of them? What are we doing to improve the process?
Topic #3: Oceanic populations. Are we doing anything about them?

Really?? those are HOT issues? Do they even read the forums?
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