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I just logged in with all of my classes to take a closer look, how BW managed this issue with them,

All force bases melee classes use str + power for melee DMG bonus and str to critic mod and str+wisdom+power+forcepower for there force based skills and str + wisdom for its critics

Shadow Assassin does a bit different, it use str + wisdom + power for melee dmg bonus and str+wisdom for its critics and wisdom+focepower+power for force skills and wisdom for its critics

Tech based classes use like scoundrel and agent use cunning+aim+power for ranged and cunning+aim for its critics mod. and cunning+power+techpower for tech skills and cunning for its criticks

Tech based classes like Trooper and Bounty Hunter use aim+power for ranged and aim for its critic mod. and aim+cunning+power+techpower for its tech based skills and aim+cunning for its critics.

Sage/Sorce use str+power for its melee and str for its critics mod(lvl 50 sage has 93 str), even if its the only AD class in the game who don't have any support on melee ability at its skill tree or in its AD class skills. All other classes use there main attribute for tech-ranged, melee-force ability what pairs are totally supported by there skill tree and base class skills + at there critic modifications.
willpower* not wisdom , ) 12 years of mmo leads to misspellings like that , )
pardon : )