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It was just irony. While reporting these issues in beta, most "enthusiastic" followers were going "relax, it's just beta, still 6 months till launch", "duh it's beta, 3 weeks till launch", "stop whining, it's a _beta_ 3 days until launch".

Some people live and die by marketing.
I mean let's be honest here, this is not the first time that a SW game has been launched early right before Christmas. In the past it was at the behest of LucasArts; I'm not sure if they have the same pull as they usually do but I would not doubt that the developers would have loved another months to work on it if not for either EA or LA forcing their hand. So especially on that note, when we complain on the forums it's all directed to the developers when in reality they likely are not the guilty party, and the guilty party likely does not read the forums