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This. Thank you for defending the obvious intention of the game. When they said "we never expected PVP to be so popular", they meant that they didnt design the game to revolve around pvp, and so it shouldnt. PVP is fine and great as it is. Sure we could use some more warzones, but how about a little more content first, rather than making devs waste time tweaking and retweaking things that work fine the way they are?
thats right. Many other mmo's fail in this department and yes I hear the other play types and understand your issues. But what you have is 3 types of gamers (RP, PVE, and PVP) RP and PVE are given more and talked about more by the devs. PVP is getting next to nothing and no responses. This game had overloaded servers to begin with and as pvp was brushed aside so did a huge scale of players. The issue was never having to pay, it was the lack of PVP that drives us to play. And still no answers to the pvp community as this thread is over loaded with us complaining and want to be acknoldged that you hear us. If you devs don't know what to do here is an easy suggestion: make 3 seperate threads on suggestion to fix-1 what RPers suggest, 2 what pve suggest, and 3 what PVP suggest. And don't leave us hanging, make comments urself so we know we r heard. The majority of us post not to troll but what to help the game. We want the best gaming experiense but we don't get it and we feel ignored.