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I'll give you props for last that long and having that much patience with the group .
I think we all the (being the more geared or experienced players) feel your pain and understand why you did what you did. I have had to do the same on my tank before but my rage quit was in LI and 2 of the DPS were in all battlemaster gear which usually its too much of a problem but when they dont keep kill the ads in the Droid fight (second boss fight) and after 3 wipes on the same boss for the same reason its time to throw in the towel.
You're doing it wrong, the idea is to AoE the adds but not have the dps too focused on them too much as it's a fight you'll be losing too much dps in anyway (especially melee). Considering they were in BM gear the last thing you want is them wasting their dps on the adds because you'll run into risk of the enrage timer.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!