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If you've never played KOTOR, Revan is a somewhat unremarkable nutter who keeps making claims about being light side even though he's clearly not, what with the genocide already noted.

The first time I met him, I was like, "Oh, neat. It's the guy that the cult on Dromund Kaas was named after," because I love it when they tie storylines together. And then Revan went on and on about having once been Sith and now being Jedi, and I was like, "Oh, and he's delusional to boot."

I happened to remark to my friend, who was a huge fan of KOTOR, that Revan was a crazy fallen Jedi who talks too much, and he sputtered and choked and nearly fell out of his chair. "Seriously," I said. "The guy just goes on and on about how awesome he is." This prompted my friend to then go on and on about how awesome Revan was.

Revan is a formidable opponent as a flashpoint boss, but when you don't have the rose-colored glasses, he's not that much more special than say, Mentor of Directive Seven, who also wants to commit genocide, likes to hear himself talk, and is pretty impressed by himself.

Revan's memory has clearly made a cult both in character and out of game. And the characters in the game think that the Revanite cult on Dromund Kaas is a little crazy for their worship of the fellow. He was great, I get that, but his time has passed, and his story has an interesting ending.