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This question made me realize something, the update didnt say anything about the launch of 1.5. And if it did I totally missed it. So sextion X and the new companion is not included on the 15th?

The reason it made me think of that is because I believe they've already lowered the extraction cost a little on PTS, or perhaps I'm confusing things there too. It sure felt cheaper when I put my mods in cartel gear though.
Yes extraction costs are lower in 1.5 for subbs , I must admit I saw him ask this question late last night and forgot to answer him sorry.

As for the announcement and the new , old subbs can get their complimentary coins if the re-sub by 20th of December is a great addition. Now who at bioware is a member of , Twitter , facebook and any other social communities get posting this new part of the f2p conversion and I tell you one thing your game will be busy for the rest of the year at least.

Great news thanks.


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