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You're joking right? Have you tried Call of Duty? Or a game designed for PvP? Don't complain that a PvE game is forcing you to do PvE content....

Have you not noticed how they make class changes based on PvPers whining about class imbalances? My Inquisitor has to face the target to knock them back now (which, due to the camera being unreliable, means many wasted uses of the ability), thanks to the "disgusting" treatment of the PvP community. PvP affecting PvE on a PvE game... That is disgusting...
This. Thank you for defending the obvious intention of the game. When they said "we never expected PVP to be so popular", they meant that they didnt design the game to revolve around pvp, and so it shouldnt. PVP is fine and great as it is. Sure we could use some more warzones, but how about a little more content first, rather than making devs waste time tweaking and retweaking things that work fine the way they are?