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The updates speed is not an issuse the problem is the game is way too easy. You can get a level 50 in no time, hell you can do it solo within a few days, no help needed. I thought this was a MMO, you create these companions which just makes it so easy to level and do heroic missions that interacting with others online is not required. thats why people get to level 50 and start whining that they are bored and their story is finished, theyre playing the game like its some one player action playstation game. MMO is meant to be hard, its suppose to encourage you or basically make it so damn difficult to level up without the help of others that you have no choice but to team up and recently you get black hole comms for doing everything now, theyre being thrown at you from all directions, I did a hard mode flashpoint the other day and the dps had full black hole gear and man he was shocking, no idea how to play his role but heh he doesn't need to learn it , the gear is basically handed to everyone that logs in enough times a week.

PLEASE look at other MMO's and hire some gamers that can advise you better than the folk you have now.
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Keep in mind it could be said that a lot of players are more interested in the RP facet of the game rather than the mmo. Personally I have no interest in playing alongside a bunch of random strangers, and many swtor players feel the same way. I think it's great that I can play with my RL friends when they are online, but I dont want to have to stop playing and wait for a friend to come help me and I DEFINITELY dont want to be forced into MP with people I dont know or like or care about.. The game is nicely divided between RP and MP content, I dont want to be excluded from RP content

I think most of the fanboys out there would agree with me on this, the stories NEED to solo-able. On the other hand, I'm all for an increase in the level cap. I would like to see more RP content before I see more high level MP content, but if it would make the mmo-ers like you happy, I would be fine to see the devs create some higher level, more difficult MP stuff. Although I think they are already addressing that with Operations and such... but in any case, I think its fair to say a lot of people are happy that they can solo so much of the content.