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You may think you need to do SM to get ready for HM but you really don't. Honestly most people are so over geared for FP's now it shouldn't be a problem. If anything the daily gear is better than the stuff you'll get on Corellia. You would be better off doing those then SM <50 FP's. ANyway you should be:

- Doing dailies for creds/comms to get Campaign relics (if you don't want to PvP for the PVP ones) and Rakata earpieces/implants.

- Hm FP's to gear up. If you not sure how to heal, trust me you will learn by doing them. They aren't that hard.

- Getting your free Mk-2 gear. You should be able to do SM EV in that provided your group is A) good on the mechanics and doesn't make many mistakes OR B) Way over geared.
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