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The Council is not responsible for the Jedi Civil War or the atrocities at Malachor and Katar. That's all on Revan or the Emperor. It's not the Council's fault Revan made the choices he did before or after joining the war. He bears the responsibility for his own actions.

The Jedi Council was never going to let the Republic be destroyed. If the Mandalorians weren't stopped, they would have eventually intervened. The end result of the Council's actions would have been the Mandalorian Wars would have been much worse but the Jedi Civil War and the events of Kotor 2 would have been averted altogether. Revan was the one who set all those events in motion. In fact if they had intervened it might have gone worse for the Republic with so many more Jedi joining Revan's reckless crusade. Even if he wasn't leading it, he would have found a way to ensure things worked to his advantage like they did at Malachor.