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Seriously. You don't have to worry about money at all for anything. Not only can you easily afford all speeder training but you also have enough credits to keep yourself up to date in terms of all mods/gear, and not just the parts you can craft (e.g. as Artifice I can keep myself updated with hilts/enhancements/focuses, but anything else I have to buy myself or scrape together commendations for), and you don't have to deal with waiting for companions to come back from crafting/missions only to RE and not learn the schematic you want, you can just buy it instantly and not care because you have more money than you know what to do with anyway.

The only possible downside is not being able to find what you need on the GTN (say you need a resolve hilt 8 but nobody is selling any), but that's minor since you can just wait a couple levels and look for the next tier.

And if at 50 you do want to get into crafting you can just make sure you take the gathering profession associated with the skill you want to use and drop the other 2 for it.

Really, why level as anything but pure profit crew skills?
Or any crew skills at all?

I have 6 level 50's and took different mixes of crew skills on all of them (some crafting, some gathering). I spent a lot of time leveling each profession while leveling but for mostly minimal benefits, biochem probably being the most beneficial. I recently started a smuggler that's up to level 25 and haven't picked up any crew skills.

How liberating that has been. No time spent at gathering nodes. No time spent at crew skill trainers or suppliers. Leveling has been so much faster and frankly more pleasant with not having to worry about whether my crew skills are keeping pace with my level.

And the fact is sans the BoP items that crafting skills can provide at level 50 I'm none the worse for wear because money is easily had with dailies and HM flashpoints that I can buy anything I need. For the most part, the BoP items that one can craft are quickly eclipsed by gear obtained through those same HM flashpoints (except biochem once again which is why so many players refer to that as the 'best' crew skill).
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