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Right, this is my point. Unfortunately, this seems to be a widespread perception. My post is both lamenting that fact and hoping to inform people to the contrary. In fact, just in this thread, someone equated TFB SM with EC HM. It's confusing, but the real hierarchy is NiM EV = NiM KP = EC SM = TFB SM < EC HM < TFB HM. Wish more people would understand that.
I agree with your original point that leaders are imposing gear requirements that are really not needed. As a rule, I'd do the first boss with anyone in at least full Columi gear on average. Only if we start failing do we need to start looking at replacing people, which is when the DPS meters and gear inspections start.

But your ordering for EC SM is is far easier with the recent nerfs than NiM KP. Fearful does nothing important, the shields are immune to damage and AoEs, the minefield kit can be used to clear two squares, cleave isn't an AoE, etc.