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11.08.2012 , 12:40 PM | #4
I agree with you MisterMuse.
I don't want Telekinetics to be reworked simply to be viable in PvP. I'm just interested in thinking about what a small damage buff could bring us up to. There should never be a huge influx of players flocking to TK for PvP. But if you wish to grab a PvP game here and there without having to respec each time, some small bonus could help us out to make the experience more enjoyable.

Keep in mind this is not a thread for personal trouble and with a thorough focus on damage-dealing abilities. I'm not trying to seek advice, as I said, we are definitely able to clear all content as we are and there aren't too much problems with that. Utility-wise, yeah, I am one of the few ranged in our guild, so I tend to be the one running around with some specific small tasks. Our utility is quite nice as is. But you don't bring utility to beat enrage timers.

That's definitely true, the developers should pay more attention elsewhere. I just like thinking of ideas like these and it got to a point where I wished to share them.
We're not far off each other in our standpoints.