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For the first time ever playing swtor I rage quit on a group last night as a healer.

Queued for a SM OP, got KP. One of the tanks asks the other to main tank it, since he's never run it before. The now "main" tank says "sure, I've done it twice". 2 DPS say they've never gotten past the 3rd boss, and have basically no gear. No worries, we got that out of the way, and I know this isn't going to be a speed run, and I'm going to be doing a lot of typing instructions. Plus me and the other healer are seriously overgeared, so we should be fine.

- First real problems, since he can't be tanked anyway.

- Jarg & Sorno...some of the DPS are not paying attention to our pleas to kill the carbonizer probes, or switch bosses to keep them even. End up dropping one or two group members, but we still one-shot it. I initiate a vote-kick for the most oblivious DPS, but because others were not paying attention, it expires and I can't get rid of him at that point. Fine, he get's a warning, and he promises to pay attention after that. To his credit, he did.

- Foreman Crusher - "main" tank positively melts at first frenzy, even with both healers chain healing him. Can't combat rez because he releases, and then complains he can't get back in until we all die. Off-tank doesn't use any defensive cooldowns on the next frenzy and dies. We wipe to try again.

At this point, I finally inspect the main "tank's" gear, and find he has a focus in his offhand. I whisper him whether he has a shield or not...he says "I think so." But his offhand doesn't get changed, so I know he has no idea what the difference between a shield and a focus is. He dies, again, on the first frenzy. But we combat rez, and focus healing on the off tank, who at least has a shield. Main tank dies again on the third frenzy, and immediately asks for another rez. "Sure, as soon as it is off CD.." We get the boss down with chain healing the off tank. Me and the other healer agree there is no way this group can single tank fabricator on story mode.

- I type "don't pull this group until I say...I am marking CC targets". Group is pulled a few seconds later, and we wipe. But at least the creeper is dead.

- DPS DCs and we have to get a replacement. While waiting on a replacement, the tank decides to go start hitting Fabricator...normally harmless fun, but somehow he ends up getting us stuck in combat, so when we do get a replacement he can't join us because we are in a boss fight. We all have to /stuck, and I have to reset phases. Yippee, we get yet another chance at the trash! CCs actually get off this time, one of the party members reminds everyone "no AOEs", but the CCs are still instantly broken, and we wipe.

Find out our replacement DPS is actually a decent tank, so we reconfigure rolls and press on.

- Working the puzzle with a DPS that has never done it before, but learns quickly with minimal pre-pull practice, and we get Fabricator down in one try. Between the new tank and this DPS, maybe there is hope for this group yet.

- I say "don't run into the next room". Our former main tank runs into the room, we wipe. Try again. I mark CC targets, they get stealth CC'd, I say "burn target", someone else reminds them "no AOEs", and we pull. CCs are instantly broken, and people are dying.

And that was it...I exploded in a fit of rage and quit. My lesson learned is that I need to leave fail groups much sooner before I blow up at them with an expletive-riddled goodbye and end up on 7 more ignore lists.