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The combat for me was really jerky, I did love the fact it took a LONG time to fight someone in PVP, and the fact that you could have 40 players on the screen in a massive city raid and not lose FPS. But the only combat that was fluid seemed to be TK. The animations were great, and the skill had good overall power. TKM/MD was a fun combination, and a good match for a Jedi.

I liked the lack of gear focus, harvester and crafting minigames (what they were in my eyes), personal auctions and sale terminals, the interior decorating (some players got REALLY creative), player cities (I know some folks hated the sprawl, I liked it), ability to die at any moment on any planet (high level mobs roaming around here and there), the ability to truly customize your skill system (though most people gravitated toward standard builds), being able to change your characters appearance any time you wished, non combat professions, etc.

I really loved one of the most hated features of the game (arguably), the Fatigue and Combat Damage system, where your HAM would get reduced by dying, those blasted little black bars. You could reduce and eventually remove them by listening to music or watching players dance in canteenas (or tents) and eventually get a buff.

it turned out that the canteenas became great social centers to meet other players, trade items, get together for raids and themepark runs, etc. If you wanted to buy or sell, get a group, needed help...head to a canteena.

I would argue that the social aspect of that game was the finest in the industry.

That was a pretty good build but you didn't need MD to get the benefits of great healing packs. My build had Doc, TKM, Investigation line in BH, and some fencer and pistoleer for dodging. I remember working on it and testing it for weeks. Made BH missions fun!