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Excellent post, very good read.

Though i do disagree that the Jedi Masters were right in their caution. We get told multiple times from several sources that the Republic was fracturing under the Mandalorian attacks. Yes the involvement of Revan and his Jedi did indeed lead to the Jedi civial war which was terrible however if they didn't get involved it could have been a lot worse.
If the Republic fell to the Mandalorians the Sith could have just walked in and taken over, it was only through the actions of Revan that enabled the Republic to survive in the long term even with it's terrible cost.

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I believe that the council was right. Revan, and the Exile should have listened to their teachings.

The jedi masters had sensed the presence of an unknown great evil at the edge of the galaxy, and were waiting for them to show face before the Jedi would interfere. There was more to learn about their enemy. Instead Revan foolishly led the charge and destroyed the Mandalorians before any information could be gathered, and at the expense of nearly the entire Republic fleet! This also led to the Jedi Civil war which saw the near extinction of the Jedi order completely. Not to mention thousands of years of knowledge lost forever. Monsters like Darth Nihilus, and Darth Sion took their place, and the force nearly ceased to be.

The Republic at that point was at the mercy of the Sith empire. Once Revan understood this he made a desperate move to band-aid his epic mistake, and only did he succeed finally when he was defeated by the Emperor, and able to put off the invasion for another 300 years.

This all could of been avoided. The battle at that point was in only outer world systems. The Republic could of defeated the Mandalorians with better tactics. Instead drawing them into a trap slowly muscling out the Mandalorians, while uniting the core worlds. Combined with the Jedi of that time, the Empire would of never stood a chance.

Revan could of been a great Jedi leader, although in the end he was like Vader. All part of the Emperor's grand plan.

That is the tragedy of Revan.
You both bring up excellent points. The Jedi Council saw the darkness lurking and knew what the consequences of fighting another war would be. Revan ignored the Council and went off to war. Doing so led to greater atrocities, far more devastating than the Mandalorian Wars.

But what would have happened if the Jedi had stayed on the side-lines? The Republic had fallen for Mandalore's false war. He led them on a never-ending war. A war that would see more Republic casualties than Mandalorian. The Republic would eventually exhaust their resources and be destroyed by the Mandalorians.

This is why the Jedi should have intervened, but only as advisors and defenders. Not as aggressors. They should have used their tactical knowledge to aid Republic forces, and use their skills in battle to defend Republic worlds, not take Mandalorian worlds.
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