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And your experience on your server makes it true for everyone else ?

There are servers where you can play against the same pre-mades from the same top PvP guilds all night and for most nights of the week. There are servers where you can queue all night solo and get a queue pop once an hour, because that faction slmost exclusively pre-mades - switch to the opposing faction and you will face pre-mades primarily.

Your experience is true for you and therefore valid, just dont assume it works the same way for all servers.
I still find what you say unlikely since you don't state which server, but let's say your right. You can either find good players that play when you do and organize, wait for paid server transfers, re-roll on a better server (The Shadowlands has plenty of PvP action and if your serious about PvP contact me on Pezz or Alen) OR find a game that offers what your asking for.
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