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@ Sankalp

My current crit for melee is around 39.50 and force is 38.55 with force power (and exotech stim) at 974.

I have experimented with lots of different stuff. My critical rating is 426 + buffs - and from around this point if i put more crit mods in it goes up by very little. DR.

My point is that - every other class can get this crit chance with ease, while maintaining around 1100+ power. This, along with the fact that our force refund mechanic is quite bad (for instance marauder carnage gets rage back when used, and then massacre from berserk etc), means that we will never have the sustained damage in a raid along with basic raw damage simply because the assassin tree has 1 passive talent increase - endurance, whereas every other class has crit / mainstat and or accuracy.

Even the classes and their mirror trees share these, whereas they forgot to put those in ours from our own mirror tree the sorc.
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