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1. numbers are not stupid - if you refer to my statistic, if you refer to WZs, then in some to some degree maybe
2. let me correct you: '... is not viable pvp clas..'
but let's assume you're right, then i call it flawed in design and i want see it fixed - or you wanted to say game designers designed some tree to not to be PVP viable? hardly think so
You've mixed up causality on your second point.

Dev's designed a healer, a burster and dot based tree.
Healer heals - np
Burster bursts - always going to be synonymous with pvp. Lethality could be provably on par with concealment, people would still say concealment is the tree to use.
Dot'er - could do perfectly sensible damage but the fact is he's built to dot everything for energy and his dots last 30 ish seconds. Anything he doesn't kill becomes effectively immune to mezzes for half a minute. It's a tertiary effect that makes lethality/other DOT'ers undesirable in organised pvp.

---Otherwise they're probably the most mobile operative between evasion, shorter CD CC breaker, root/snare breaking countermeasures AND a tech cleanse (not to mention infiltrator if they pick it up). Which on paper doesn't sound half bad. I'm rather certain devs intended lethality to be viable. It's the meta game that reacted and kicked them out.

Conversely for example if concealment and/or deception assasins became FOTM lethality would be a ringer. It's annoying as **** to restealth if a lethality agent hits you. You need to dispel twice or be knocked out.
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