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I am new to this game but not mmo's played swg for 2 years before nge but am also looking for a guild on this server so long as the game lasts I intend to play for quite some time but it looks like no one checks this forum very much lol

Who are the most active guilds/best ppl to get in contact with on imp side?
head on over to and have a look at our site, feel free to ask around for us in chat in game aswell, if you really want your can use the in game mail and ill get back to you asap and have a chat about what your after froma guild and what your like as a player and see if we're right for you.

same goes for anyone on the empire side, feel free to drop me a line in game and ill happily answer what i can for you and see if wampa stompers is the place you wanna set up.

in game names are T'litha and I'litha our GM's in game handle is Ann'ika. dont be shy.