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The telekinetic tree was never designed for PvP. Too much cast times which are easy to interrupt. Go with balance or a hybrid sped for PvP instead. Periodic damage abilities are of great value and with hybrid specs you can get a great deal of candy from both shops with a large amount of aoes and such.

Sure it won't give you smasher damage but it compensates with bubble and good self healing, along with a good amount of crowd control.

If you're having a problem in PvE as well, check out a few guides about the telekinetic, they've helped a good deal when analyzing rotations as such. Often we are left spamming disturbance while really filling the ten seconds after the telekinetic wave proc with telekinetic throw if all abilities are on cooldown would be a better option.

I can agree though that the 5% that Bioware is on about can possibly be fake. Sentinels and Gunslingers pretty much dominate the damage dealing. We do however have bubbles, combat revives, self heals, force speed and utility powers which can help a great deal. For example on Toth and Zorn Hard its really good having a Sage DPS which could revive a healing if the tanks mess up, place bubbles in the aoe faze, etc.

So while I agree that the damage could be higher I don't think its really a crisis at the moment. There is a lot more pressing matters the developers need sorting out at the current stage.
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