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You play in a false reality where you put stats from the past over current situations.

The truth is now NS would lose in a ranked. Using a "where was MVP back when ranked came out" is someone living on the past. MVP has put a ranked team together that is incapable of losing a ranked against any team atm because now it has what it was missing before. Before, MVP would win most it's games from outsmarting others because it lacked the class makeup/gear to go head up against teams with heavy hitting class based teams. When you lose and you will lose. I analyze teams/players, I don't base my thoughts on hate or opinions. I don't make bets I have a chance of losing or I wouldn't have made the bet with saedus that I'd beat forcebringer or gamblor in a duel or I'd quit if I hadnt already studied the way they move/think/play. The only thing that stops my strategies half the time is the handicap of playing on 300ms net.

After weeks of re-rolling new classes and acquiring some new members here and there, we have a guild full of the heaviest hitters on the server. Combined with our smarts, there won't be a team to stand before us at this time.

P.S. Halo 4 is out and my graphics card burned out few days ago so depending on if I'm lazy or rather play halo will determine if I play ranked on Friday
Put me into ranked and you'll lose 24/7! :3
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