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After choosing to play a Sage at launch, I've gone with the Telekinetics tree nonstop. I really have enjoyed learning and experiencing this from being quite a rookie to wanting to min-max and delivering everything this tree has to offer. Although by now I have several characters, most of my thoughts will still go out to this particular PvE-oriented spec. For a while now I've been coming up with a few ideas on how we might improve.

Do TK Sages need improving? Well, especially in PvP there's not a lot we can do; but I also feel we (DPS Sages as a whole) are a below-par choice to take into the hardest operations for endgame PvE, solely judging on a class-based standpoint. We are certainly capable of clearing any content, but I'd prefer if our bar could be raised to at least in-line with the average - staying within the mythical '5%' BioWare has told us about.
While I have more interest and experience in PvE, where we need less help, I'm trying to think of things that will help us as a whole to raise the DPS output.

Before I start suggesting things, I'd like to note they may turn out lengthy, as I discuss pros & cons I might see to the suggestion, or various implementations & impacts. There's really endless ideas out there, but these are more reasonable ones that I could actually see or want to see happen. Keep in mind these are damage-based suggestions.

Suggestion 1:

Suggestion 2:

Suggestion 3:

Suggestion 4:

Bonus Suggestion for Balance:

Well, these are a few of my thoughts on possible TK changes. I didn't delve too much into new abilities or skills as I don't think those are necessary. I also steered clear of utility, as I think those type of skills shift the dynamics quite a bit more. (You need to take into account interactions with other classes specifically etc.) Though it's also interesting to think about, so who knows, one of those might come up. Same with defensive cooldowns (although I would quite want one of those - Sages get Guarded by the Force now instead of Sentinels, shift the QQ).

Thank you for checking out my thread. Feel free to drop your own suggestions in a comment down below.